How do I prepare for my Headshots & Portrait Shoot?

Ensure to get plenty of sleep the night before your photo-shoot session and please try to avoid alcohol. Keep well hydrated and refrain from eating heavy meals. If you have a particular look that you are hoping to achieve please feel free to send the relevant images/links via e-mail so that we can discuss in greater detail prior to your shoot.

What to expect during the photo-shoot session?

You can expect a very relaxed and enjoyable photo-shoot session with our team of professional photographers. You will be briefed about your posture, expression and type of shots that will be taken. You will also be given the opportunity to view some of the images as we take them so that you can see exactly how you look. This way will also speed up your selection process by choosing your favourite images there and then.

What clothing do I wear?

It’s very important to choose the appropriate attire that best reflects your image within the sector that you work in. Keeping your choice of colours simple is the best way forward. Avoid loud and colourful patterns which will be somewhat distracting. Instead opt for nice solid colours such as black & white, grey, blue etc. Again, avoid to many accessories as they can also be distracting.
Female Link for attire ideas: click here
Male Link for attire ideas: click here

Can I wear my spectacles?

Yes. However, if you wear some of the latest special filtered spectacles and/or have strong prescription spectacles please do bring a pair of anti-reflection spectacles to avoid reflections and diffractions. Most individuals bring a spare set of blank frames. If you are not sure we kindly recommend that you please consult with your optician prior to your photo-shoot.

Do you shoot on film?

Although most of our assignments are carried out with the use of our high end digital equipment we do as per clients request from time to time shoot on film. The founder “Tony Colli” and the team are educated at Degree/Master Level from reputable and prestigious Universities and have vast experience and knowledge in both traditional and digital photography therefore can provide all our prospective clients with excellent production and post-production film services.

Do you shoot 200+ individuals?

Yes. We have a good working formula in place to facilitate the photo-shoot of a large volume of individuals on-location.

Can I have Black & White images?

Yes. All completed images will be provided in both Colour and Black & White.

Can I choose the images on the day?

During your photo-shoot session or at the end of your photo-shoot session you can choose your favourite images for editing unless you prefer to choose them in your own time to which we can send to you small jpegs files via Dropbox or We-transfer.

What’s your post-production turn-around time?

For Package 1 & 2 approximate post-production turnaround time is between 3-5 working days. For all bespoke packages, we can only give you a turnaround time once we have established exactly what your production and post-production needs are.

How will I receive my completed images?

We will provide you with Hi-Res Jpeg images saved in separate folders for Print and Web use. All images will be securely sent via Dropbox or We-transfer unless you state otherwise.

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